Disclosure Policy

Eats OA is a personal blog written solely by us, we are Omeng and Ane Fallarme. Letter-ally the #OA-est couple of the blogosphere.

It documents our #foodventures (or OA ~ Our Adventures) in Baguio City and wherever else we may travel…

We are only responsible for what we write and not for how you understand it.

We do not claim to be culinary experts and all reviews are solely based on our tastes, so what may be good for us, may not exactly be good for you, and what may be bad for us may not exactly be bad for you, you just have to accept that people have different tastes and views and this blog is meant to express our opinion.

We aim to encourage our readers to treat themselves to the same experience we get when we dine out at a particular place, however, if they have a bad experience in a place where we had a good experience, that’s on you and we are not to be held accountable for that.

We treat ourselves once in a while… We do however also accept invites to restaurants if they want to treat us to a unique dining experience, although, even if we were invited to dine for free we reserve the right to not write about it if our experience was anything but pleasant.

Please do not use our images without our permission, if you ask nicely, we would be glad to let you use it, we’ll even send you one with a less visible watermark.

We take copyright infringement seriously, please do not copy any, or part/s of our posts. However, you may quote us.