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Red Rustikz: “Putting Back the aRRt in Eating”

With emphasis on the “R”… as much as the double “R” could be for “Rated ‘Rt”. Rightfully so, in “aRt”, the “R” sets the tone. How much moRe with the “R/R” for that of Red Rustikz as some “aRRtistically” named restaurant… Though they evocatively change the “c and s” for that of “k and z” instead, it doesn’t change what “rustics” would most likely mean as some “hillbillies” who are “red” enough. Red as a color, other than its diverse etymology, is associated with passion. So how about that… “Passionate Country Boys” or perhaps “Impassioned Rural Men” translated into Red Rustikz for a name…

Red Rustikz

Actually, I don’t know the real story behind the “R”tsy name. It just seems spot-on basing it from the concept perceived from my perspective. Like an art however, we can only appreciate as far as we can see; we’re not the artist behind the artwork. It’s likewise open to interpretations. In Red Rustikz’s case though, they’re like passionate artists coming up with masterpieces every so often (every 3 months I think). Unlike traditional restaurants, they change their menu if only to offer consumers a new experience every once in a while to rather avoid over satiation. An evolving “eatsperience” or an “abstract engagement” so to speak.

Red Rustikz
Like this Fried Mushroom for an appetizer, outwardly fried by itself as some sun sculpture that’ll set the mood…

In some putative sense, it’s like giving a patron of the arts something new to “feast on” (pun intended); unlike if it’s the same art gallery over again. And creatively enough, in today’s social media generation where food becomes art subjects for those “Instagrammable” (Instagram-worthy) shots, a new “food art” to offer likewise provides an avenue for a new millennial expression in one’s timeline gallery for a status-defining “enticing artwork”. Nowadays, it’s not just about an edible intake but something your eyes will also feast on, much like how it’ll feed your senses.

Via “phone photography” as art (or “arte”), the beauty of it depends on the eye of the beholder… Yet for food as subject, Eats OA’s mantra still applies, “Taste is in the tongue of the consumer”.

Red Rustikz
Carbonara Agnolotti

Wherefore, this photo of Red Rustikz’s relatively new masterpiece (or should we call it masterpast’?) that we’ve tried recently, it’s some kind of a pasta that expresses its artistry through your palate. Like the explosion of colors abstractly thrown at a canvass, its flavor explodes in your mouth. Once served, you are not to mix it much like how paintings and other artworks are not to be touched… Their Carbonara Agnolotti though is “for your mouth only” yet paints “food porn” in your mind for a luscious experience as evocative as a burst of zest into your sense of flavor.


Red Rustikz
Pork Chimichurri

Pork Chimichurri, the name itself is eccentric as the abstract mixture of its elements; however the result is chef-d’œu·vre. For me at least, most likely brought about by its “pièce de ré·sis·tance” attribute validated by my taste for anything conceptual. As Spanish as its influence yet some obra maestra translated in French expresses its “French kissing-like fusion of flavors” in every mouthful… Ok that’s too much; I guess I really like it. “An’sarap’eh!”

House Burger? Oh he’s fine. What The F**k! Ok ok, that’s “Fork”… “What The Fork” as in “what’s the fork for?” I mean, their House Burger’s fine; as fine as Fine Arts. As basic as the course itself (another pun) where artists have been molded yet remain to be a stronghold of their identity… Burgers now have already evolved into “elaborate non-finger food hard-to-eat as you-need-fork-&-knife sandwich meals” apparently creative for over-the-top reasons.

Red Rustikz
House Burger

Accordingly, Red Rustikz’s House Burger remains to be a burger to the core. Yet its creativity is rather through the medley of the right blend. Dry in the sense that its lacking adornment however juicy and tasty as if sculpted to its crafted refinement.


Red Rustikz
Grilled Chicken Salad

Whereas for this Grilled Chicken Salad, it’s a “landscape of edible garden”. With a generous serving of grilled chicken, it’s more than an accent piece but an elemental variation to a naturalistic greenery in my artful manner of conveying that is.

Red Rustikz
“COAL fam” in the house! Sporting my “Empoy-look” for this Kita Kita, I mean Kita-Kits for their Kita Kitchen”

If these masterpieces get changed from their “food gallery” for a menu, it’s just like a unique artwork sold to the “rightful collector” who’ll take pride in having acquired it. Thus, as chance would allow it, visit Red Rustikz occasionally for that art-full (or heartful) exhibit of tasteful nourishment.

Red Rustikz
“A toast to art!” #FourTheWean

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