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Half & Half = Namaste

Like “Its O + A = Eats OA”… But seriously, “half & half” accounts for one whole… and when we feel whole, it corresponds to being thankful. Hence, we bow to the divine in whatever we’re thankful for, that of which is the meaning of “Namaste”.

Half & Half
Now Open …@ Outlook Drive, Baguio City

And grateful we are indeed for an appetizing meal from Half & Half Kitchen and Pub. Just the point of being whole as a family dining together is already something to be thankful for, what more if served with good food. Thus, “Half & Half equals to a whole new experience” could likewise be a fitting title for this blog post actually.

Half & Half
A whole new experience in the sense that it’s the first time for the whole 4 of us (our “COAL” fam) to try and eat out in a Nepalese restaurant; first in Baguio as a matter of fact. Considering our varying tastes, we have our respective reasons to be thankful for. And subsequent reasons for our gratitude manifested early on… In a way, we were also there to gratefully celebrate “C’s” academic excellence…

Half & Half

First, we were greeted with a sincere smile. We were even offered to sit at the corner table by the terrace even though they were occupying it prior to that. The owner (as she seemed to be), attended to us and guided us through as to what they have to offer. Relatively new and understandable at that (1 day old and after the preceding day’s grand opening), they seemed to have ran out of stocks and didn’t anticipate would-be subsequent orders as quite a lot from their menu list weren’t available. They were nonetheless courteous enough to inform us about it. And I suppose, that’s one reason for us to come back (lol)

Half & Half
Next to be thankful for, I guess, was for clemency and understanding… There weren’t too many customers then, however, our ordered food took quite a while to be served. We assumed the freshness of our food from prep time to cooking time to be the culprit; so it was all good. True enough, the first serving of the steamed Chicken Momo and the Melting Pakoda proved to be worth our while.

Half & Half
Steamed Chicken Momo

It was fresh alright. The minty chutney for the pakoda and the cilantro sauce for the momo made it all the more acceptable. You can interchange it even… It was however not enough for the 4 of us, so we ordered one more of each.

Half & Half
Melting Pakoda

After the “it could get into your nerves” kind of a long wait, the Grilled Chicken Sizzler came wafting through our olfactory nerves instead. Damn, it smelled so good! We sank our teeth into it as if to make up for lost time. Looking at “C” in concurrence and at the same time acknowledge the lady owner, it “curry’d” us through from Namaste to “Naimas teh!”

Half & Half
Grilled Chicken Sizzler

It was after having satisfyingly consumed it when we realized that it was served with pasta instead of rice or potato as indicated. An apparent con-“fusion” of some sort that we’re thankful for though.

Half & Half
Chicken Curry Set: We got “curry’d” away

Then from the ‘Meal Set Combo’ came later was the Chicken Curry Set. It found its way to our weathered “Overcast Appetite (OA)”. The chicken curry tasted better with the anchar which was a welcome treat. The sautéed Chinese cabbage (the Mixed Dal I suppose) had that “very Pinoy” nostalgic taste to it reminiscent of such comfort food’s impression. It was only when I was going through the photo of the menu when I came to know that it should have been served with pickles, papad and a spiced potato salad as well. Then of which, it could have complemented the P380 price for it that I assumed to be too high for what was partially served…

Half & Half
Nevertheless, soon as we were done, the assumed lady owner was sincerely apologetic for their own share of “OA’s (Oversight and Adjustments)”.

Half & Half, for now, may have spent half of the time + half of the goodness = a whole new perspective in every possible sense and for every realization there is. And likewise as partial as we are and that of our tastes, we’re yet wholeheartedly appreciative of the experience and the good food for a blessing regardless…

Half & Half
“L, A and C” (l-r)

And so, considering it’s “Naimas teh!”, it’s yet “Now must taste”… Hopefully by the time we come back, the Masala, Samosa and the their other specialties are already available.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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