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San Juan: Surf Town, Slurp Town

“San Juan’s calling me… the waves of San Juan…”

Surf Town

I’m more of a “slurper” than a surfer. That’s a fact that doesn’t need first-hand realization to figure out. And by “figure”, I mean, it’s evidence-based. My figure in all its dadbod glory was like a wave rippling and ebbing in random directions losing balance atop a paddle board; what more on a surfboard…

Yet, in today’s social media culture (where every one’s a “surfer”), there is an apparent “wave” of must-tries you’ll be enticed to include in your bucket list you likewise want to cross out. Real surfing (as opposed to cyber surfing) is one that I’m assuming I won’t be able to accomplish. It however brought us to San Juan’s Surf Town. It’s a small town in La Union making waves as the Philippines’ surf capital up north.

Eto KAYAKo ‘to

As the “COAL fam” that we “letter-ally” are, we weren’t as cool though to even be like “Hey dude, there weren’t even way cool overhead that’s gnarly… totally tubular brah!” Now, that’s even trying hard to surfspeak, epic fail…

Cowabunga! Hang 10! Hang out then… I mean, we just hung around then. We “surfed” from one “food hut” to another instead; from surf to slurp… Thus, to rather experience the “surfer vibe” thing still, here are some must-try food joints when in Surf Town:

  • Olas BanditosLet’s call it “vital wave” or that “practically vital” must-have in every surfing spot “food hut”…  (Read on)
  • Gefseis Greek Grill…now what’s the “surf vibe” on this one you may ask? (Read on)
  • Flotsam & JetsamIts hang loose mood for a concept could most likely be what appeals among tourists and city slickers alike wanting a piece of that carefree ambience (Read on)
  • Angel & Marie’s Placeis “AMP” – other than this “food hut’s” initials, it could pass on as “A Must-try Pipeline”… (Read on)

We stayed at San Juan Surf Resort from which we got to bask in the inviting ray of sunlight for our complimentary breakfast by the garden at their cozy ‘Coast Call’ restaurant.

San Juan Surf Resort
San Juan Surf Resort

We could have added that on the list but we haven’t really tried “the whole shebang” quite arbitrarily; as we likewise just had refreshments and a banana split while waiting for room vacancy prior to the 2pm check-in time…

We only spent 2 days/2 nights there, thus, we have to wait until our next visit to be able to try out San Juan Surf Town’s other “food huts” and accommodation.

"C" scape
“C” scape


At Flotsam & Jetsam
At Flotsam & Jetsam

Surf Town could be a convenient go-to place for relaxation. About less than 3-hour drive (“takbong pogi” lang) from Baguio, its proximity and accessibility could entice a considerable influx of tourists. While it’s referred to as a “town”, it’s actually within Barangay Urbiztondo.

Its quaint setting adds up to its appeal, considering as well how they’re trying to maintain a rustic touch to it and substantiating its picturesque representation amidst the lure of trade and industry. Too much commercialism might lose its unsophisticated allure. As a matter of fact, being accustomed to the “understandably demanding incursion of a wide range of customers”, its local’s hospitality could likewise “wipe out” the innate amiability; apparent from a few staff we’ve encountered from different establishments.

While its main attraction is the “surfing”, there are other reasons to go to San Juan’s Surf Town which will most likely include (other than party is) relaxation corresponding with “surfing up a notch” some waves of staycation’s basic needs, sleep and slurp. Surf Town has those essentials to offer…

Assumably substantiating itself as the “Boracay of the North”, Surf Town is riding the waves into its own pipeline surfing up into establishing San Juan’s own identity and uniqueness.

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