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Gefseis Greek Grill: Goodness GREEKscious

Along the shore of San Juan’s Surf Town from a preceding post, now what’s the “surf vibe” on this one you may ask?

Gefseis Greek Grill
Other than their flag’s white and blue color combination (which is associated with anything Greek-themed ~ think Santorini and the Santorini-inspired Vitalis Villas, Thunderbird, etc.), I see the blue ocean and waves’ beach foam (white) as the closest link between Gefseis and surfing… Second is the pita bread similarly made of wheat flour like the burrito’s tortilla… Ok forget about that. Gefseis is a beach-front restaurant and that’s probably just about it as to its undercurrent relative to Surf Town…

Gefseis Greek Grill

However, akin to its white and blue presence, like a “double overhead wave”, Gefseis’ Greek cuisine offering is a surge of gastronomic treats we tend to welcome similar to how one gets excited over big waves… And as natural as waves are, Gefseis is authentic…

Gefseis is a Greek word which means flavors. True enough, they have flavorful Greek delicacies that’ll surely add flavor to your “food-surfing” (or slurping) experience.

Gefseis Greek Grill
Kontosouvli Lamb

Roasted lamb is more than a Greek staple but has a meaningful symbolism relative to their history, thus, we just had to try their Kontosouvli Lamb. Just how lamb should be cooked, tender enough and there’s no fishy after-taste. And as per our preference, it was consummately seasoned to sit well with our tastebuds.

Gefseis Greek Grill
Grilled Special Spicy Sootzouki

I also wanted to compare their spicy sausage from that of the last Greek resto we dined at, so, we also ordered their Grilled Special Spicy Sootzouki. It was way better… It’ll be perfect with beer for that “after-surf hang loose” moment as the sunset reflects on calm ripples serving as backdrop.

Gefseis Greek Grill
All-In-One Plate Dips

After a tiring afternoon dip, we had to dip into their All-In-One Plate Dips. As Greek as it can be, it’s a serving of 5 dips: Tzatsiki, Hummus, Tyrokafteri, Melitzanosalata and Kopanisti served with slices of pita bread. Those thin slices of pita bread were like surfboards wading on calm water towards being consumed and into our “mouths for a pipeline” creating a ripple effect sending fulfilling signals into our senses…

Gefseis Greek Grill
Smoked Salmon

Their version of a canapé I guess, the smoked salmon with cream cheese tends to fall apart though. Taking a bite off it splits up the salmon topping from the baguette-like crunchy bread as it breaks apart. Thus, the integration of flavor and texture supposedly becomes distinctive from each element.

Gefseis Greek Grill
Fournou Makaronia

Enticing was the baked spaghetti with shredded sirloin beef in red sauce and mozzarella cheese, thus, we tried their Fournou Makaronia. The taste was nothing fancy as compared to its hint on its scrumptious admixture.

Gefseis Greek Grill
Grilled Kalamari

Rice is rice, so the “rice person” in me just had to give in to their Grilled Kalamari as it comes with their Greek style rice and so it urged me to try it. The squid was cooked right as it wasn’t chewy but delightfully succulent.

As ironic as the “humid yet breezy” weather, we had these supposedly hot but cold drinks:

Gefseis Greek Grill
Gefseis Greek Grill
Choco Drinks w/ Whipped Cream & Wafer Sticks
Gefseis Greek Grill
Iced Coffee Mocha

Gone Greek all the way with this dessert:

Gefseis Greek Grill's Baklava

That was a satisfying early dinner that had me exclaim in jest “Goodness GREEKscious, great haul supper!!”

Gefseis Greek Grill has been #COALgrilled #FourTheWean
“COAL fam”
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