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Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge ~ Serving Interaction

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge

Crossroad Puzzle, like a crossword puzzle, is a puzzle on how to solve the intermingling expressions to cluster specifications into one cohesive narrative. As much as every crossroads hints at different stories presenting you directions to the right path…

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
“Inside the box are answers…”

1 Across ~ a convenient store
1 Down ~ assisting souls at the brink of passing… Yup, the one across “SEVENELEVEN”… that one down (from both ways in the middle of Rimando Road is) “STMICHAEL”…

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
Where to eat-&-play in Baguio

Indeed quite a fitting descriptive for an address; at St. Michael Bldg. along the intersection of Rimando Rd. and M. Roxas St. corner Brookside just across 7-11 is “Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge”.

Crossroad Puzzle, other than a clever and a suitable name being on that location, is a café lounge serving food and drinks for both our gastronomic indulgence and one that’ll feed our senses with “social interaction”. It promotes good food and food for the soul.

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
Lost the “Game of Thrown” – thrown in jail? Make it “Trough Angel” – a channel for good times, Crossroad Puzzle…

Come to think of it, we actually went there for the board games as an opportunity to bond with family sans the use of mobile phones and gadgets. While one can contend that we can simply do that at home, it’s not everyday that you can likewise dine and play at the same time without distractions among other things. Thus, Crossroad Puzzle likewise promotes quality time. May it be with family, friends or a “date”, it presents an opportunity to solidify your bond. In today’s technological breakthrough, it similarly breaks the old-school interaction centered on actual mingling amidst social media’s “phony interconnection”… Not at Crossroad Puzzle. In fact, it’s a kind of puzzle that figuratively puts the pieces together yet literally and physically allows you to “get your act together”.

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
Ready to GO!

And true enough, in our simple game of Monopoly, “L” didn’t just hound us on what time we’re getting home so he could play with his PS4 but we also saw in him how he could be wise in “investing his assets”.

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
“COAL Monopomily” caught in a Crossroad

Yes, it was just a game of Monopoly but hey, in spending quality time with your date perhaps, you might as well get to gauge him/her how they’d probably turn out in investing for your future… I mean, come on… it’ll be an interaction you could make use-of to somehow foresee a potential future with your “the one”… much like how I was bargaining with “A” on paying rent with just a kiss instead when I landed on her property… (She amusingly turned my offer down if you must even know that.) Then again it was just a game of Monopoly, however, it reinforces your correlation and rapport not via “click, like and share” but really puzzling out the matching pieces, complementing expressions and compatible impressions through Crossroad Puzzle.

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
“Money-poly-tion: A bribe that money-poly-ted us to put down our mobile phones…”

There’s also the reality. The basic necessity. The physical nourishment. The supplement. The “fare share”. Ok, enough of these “crossword clues”. The answer is ‘FOOD’ by the way. At any rate, Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge’s food wasn’t puzzling though. However, it was likewise interactive. It interacted with us as it elicited a “delectable affirmation” ~ “Mmmm” – Now, if that isn’t a fitting “crossword answer”, here’s “across-down” err a rundown:

Clue No. 1: “Coal miner’s spaghetti”, etymology ~ Ans: CARBONARA ~

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
Creamy Carbonara w/ Bacon

As if the usual carbonara isn’t with bacon as prime ingredient as it already is, their Creamy Carbonara with Bacon isn’t really that “redundantly puzzling” for who doesn’t like bacon, right? It’ll always be a welcome treat. But then, it wasn’t the usual carbonara, as it had that hint of sweetness. For me, that was a bit off. “C and L” liked it though.

Clue No. 2: “A fusion of Pinoy and Italian” ~ Ans: SISIG CARBONARA ~

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
Sisig Carbonara

I’ve always been both an advocate and a fan of a congruent fusion. And their Sisig Carbonara lives up to that harmony. Right from the moment it was served, it had that enticing aroma. It even tasted better…

Clue No. 3: A “sentimental” casserole ~ Ans: MAC N CHEESE ~

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
Mac N Cheese

It has always been some sort of a comfort food for our kids “C and L” and Crossroad Puzzle’s Mac N Cheese wasn’t any different as it served to be as comforting as the cozy place itself. And I’m not being cheesy about it.

Clue No. 4: “Most important repast of the Kingsguard” ~ Ans: KNIGHT KING’S BREAKFAST ~

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
Knight King’s Breakfast

Might as well be a “Kingslayer” considering “Winter is Coming”… Rich in luscious cholesterol, better burn it rather than subject yourself to its tempting “fattening goodness”. Given as well how I may be some “Night King” ordering breakfast for dinner, it gave me some mood of satisfaction to rule our own “game of thrones” as I eventually emerged “king” after our Monopoly game. Crossroad Puzzle’s “Knight King’s Breakfast” from their all-day-breakfast menu was sumptuously worth it! And just like a lance, the size of that hotdog was “joust” like it.

Clue No. 5: “It really doesn’t make a buffalo fly” ~ Ans: BUFFALO WINGS ~

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
Buffalo Wings

Now that was a “more grounded” serving of Buffalo Wings for me to be able to pick and consume it compared to (other’s) commercialized ones that soars high yet pretentious however with “clipped wings” as it’s more like buttered chicken. Crossroad Puzzle also offer different levels of spiciness for it unlike the other kinds that are more sweet than spicy as it should be.

Clue No. 6: “Two-legged digits” ~ Ans: CHICKEN FINGERS ~

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
Chicken Fingers

Just a bit salty for my taste though… However, “C, A and L” liked it. I guess, I was just being conscious on my salt intake given my current kidney condition. I suppose, I wasn’t that conscious to have consumed more than I should have, consequently, that explains the over-salty satiation. The tenderness complements well with its subtly crisp coating.

Clue No. 7: “Thirst quencher” ~ Ans: BEVERAGE ~ Equally witty are the terms for their beverages’ sizes

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
“The more refreshing member of the Gourd family” ~ CUCUMBER COOLER


Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
“Always “bean” sweet together” ~ VANILLA CARAMEL (size: Pawn)


Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
“Sweetness overload” ~ OREO COOKIES N CREAM (size: Knight)


Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
“Countryside’s young forbidden fruit” ~ GREEN APPLE CAMPAGNA (size: Hodor) – Big enough for 4, #FourTheWean

Made of spontaneous links and not of buffering ties, “Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge” offers a healthy serving of a “game of love”.

Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge
“If you end up in some crossroads in your life, you might want to assess your thoughts and go to Crossroad Puzzle; relax, feed your senses and solve the love.”

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