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Calajo at SM City Baguio Food Fest


Calajo at SM City Baguio Food Fest
Calajo Goodies at SM City Baguio Food Fest

So apparently Calajo is not pronounced as CalaHo😁, like I thought it was, it’s actually pronounced as CalaJo.😊 Like how you would say Jo in the name Joanne. Unless you say it with an H too, then…πŸ˜…

“O” and I went to the Food Fest at SM City Baguio this afternoon to join other foodie and blogger friends, despite the strong wind and heavy rain, like literally, 😺s and 🐢s!😡 That’s where I found out about how Calajo was actually pronounced.😁

Anyway, I absolutely love love love this Oriental dressing! It makes me feel like I can eat an entire lettuce head just as long as I have this on hand.πŸ˜‹

Calajo's Oriental Dressing/Sauce

I think this is especially made for people like me, who get sick of vegetables quite easily, because living in Baguio City, so close to La Trinidad where fresh vegetables are literally just an arm’s length away, vegetables get old fast. This is why I am always on a search for vinaigrette that will make my taste buds super happyΒ πŸ˜‹Β and hopefully inspire me to eat healthier.πŸ˜‹

Like seriously, the salad was literally leaves and carrot shavings and I felt like it was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted in my life, and before you ask me what qualifies me to rate this as high as I am, let me remind you of the fact that I’ve been eating all my life.πŸ˜‚

That’s a joke. A little backstory, my blogger friends and I have been talking about comments that weren’t so nice on her blog, questioning her ability to be qualified to write about food. As a joke, I said, if it were me I would’ve answered, “well, I’ve been eating all my life, so…”.πŸ˜‚Β I can beΒ funny hilarious sometimes.πŸ˜‚

As a food blogger, people can’t help but question our credibility, but the thing is, we’re not trying to be like food critics and we’re not here to give chefs or restaurants “advice”, we’re here because we want to share our experience and how the food made us feel. Β Somehow the concept of “different tastes, varying fancies” elude some people.πŸ™„ It’s simple, it tastes good for ME.

Moving on!

Calajo's Crunchy Chili Garlic in Canola Oil in Hot and Mild

This is for all you people who like to add a little something something to their meal, an appetizer of some sort. It’s a condiment that can make your meal easily more enjoyable. Just ask “O”.

You know I have sensitive “heat” sensors on my tongue, and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m a wimp when it comes to spicy food, the Mild variant was tolerable, for me, but it was spicy nonetheless and it would require me to eat more rice to soothe the burn on my tongue. So yes, not for me. I can only imagine how spicy the Hot variant is and I am sweating.😡

Fortunately, they also have a Crunchy (not chili) garlic in Canola Oil variant, for people who like their condiments for the delicious taste without the burn.😁

“O” loved it. So the next time you see him and his ABS (A Big Stomach) has gotten bigger, you know this one is one of the things to blame.😜

They also have bread and cassava, if you like snacking on healthy bread, they have carrot bread and banana bread, I should have gotten one of each as pasalubong for C & L who were left at home because of the bad weather, they both love bread, but I forgot, I blame the bad weather.πŸ˜’

Calajo Bread, Hopia and Cassava

Tomorrow is another day though and I will definitely get some then.😁

There’s hopia too, so I’m hoping I can get some too, because I love their hopia, I’ve had a chance to try it a few times in the past, and they’re really good.

I’m not fond of Yogurt, like the real one. I only like the ones with flavor and sweeteners to it, I know, bad!πŸ˜‹Β The real one is just too tangy for my taste. I liked YOLO though.😁

YOLO and Granolo by Calajo

YOLO also known as Yogurt Lover is a homemade yogurt, match it with Calajo’s Granola mix, drizzle a berry syrup and it is divine. The only thing I didn’t quite like about it is that it gets tangy towards the end, because the berry syrup and granola is almost gone, it’s also a bit thicker than that of yogurt that I’m used to, but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. That’s surprising because like I said, I’m not such a fan of yogurt.

Calajo goodies like the crunchy garlic & oriental dressing can also be found in Holiday Supermarket! Yay, cause that’s where we usually grab things we need when we plan to stay home during lazy weekends.😊

Have you had a chance to try these Calajo goodies? Let me know what you think of them!😊

Catch Calajo at the SM City Baguio Food Fest until July 31st!

You can find Calajo at:

Km. 4 Halsema Hwy, La Trinidad,

Benguet 2601, Philippines

OR at:

Unit B-213 (Former Mandarin Restaurant) F. Lopez Building

Session Road

Baguio City 2600, Philippines

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3 thoughts on “Calajo at SM City Baguio Food Fest

  1. Oh, it’s been a loooong time since I last visited Baguio. Highschool pa ata ako nun! Hehe.

    It’s actually good that we can have other options for pasalubong aside from the traditional peanut brittle and strawberry jam, etc.

    And, I like your point when asked about bloggers’ credibility. Yes, we’re not being critic, as for me, if I am writing my review on products, that was purely sharing my own experience and personal take.

    I don’t claim myself as an expert, but a real customer giving feedback and sharing my own thoughts! 😊

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