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Angel & Marie’s Place: “Food Hut In The Pipeline”

Angel & Marie’s Place is “AMP” – other than this “food hut’s” initials, it could pass on as “A Must-try Pipeline”… like that sought-for tubular wave for any surfer. While the opportunity’s waving at you, you might as well paddle and surf up… “Gnarly AMPed dude!” A pipeline where Surf Town’s surf vibe will flow through…

"Hand Fan or Electric Fan?"
“Hand Fan or Electric Fan?”

In-the-pipeline is the feel of the local’s tropical temperament and Surf Town’s imprint. One is set to come across what we are supposed to experience away from the technological breakthrough and the hustle-and-bustle of city life.

Surfers Wall of Fame
“Surfers Wall of Fame”

From what I’ve read, it’s owned and established by local surfer-couple (Angel and Marie), apparent is how the concept’s leaning towards a bit of Surf Town’s personality. Very nonmetropolitan… “Probinsyang probinsya ika nga” – revelling pictures, accolades and what-have-you on walls and shelves… True enough, proudly mounted on what seems to be Surf Town’s wall of the-who’s-who among San Juan surfers, it brings-into-being the fountainhead of what has now swelled into waves of development they’re surfing on.

"The LAMPara Touch"
“The LAMPara Touch”

And “surfing” our way into this “pipeline”, we had these typical “lutong bahay” (home cooking) dishes as if they’re expressing, “welcome to our humble home”. Likewise “fit to a T” (li-TEE-rally) and “feeling-at-home”, we were in our casual tees and flip flops having just walked-in from the nearby resort we were billeted. Suitably, Angel and Marie’s Place imbibes that neighborly impression free from the “proper decorum” that goes with branding.

"Feet to a Tee"
“Fit-flops to a Tee” – …my wife “A’s” shirt says it… “Yello?” says my daughter “C’s”…

Chalkboard Menu

Reputedly conveyed is how your food only gets cooked upon ordering. Thus, like waiting for your “home cooked meal”, you can just sit back and interact sans the pull of mobile phones and gadgets. With that blast-from-the-past spirit, you’d be made to travel back in time with shell bits traveling as well from one spot to another, however you direct it. Yup, sungka! It’s a nostalgic and fitting adherence to the whole rustic wavelength.

“One spot to another not Hotspot of the other”


"COAL" Fam in the House
“COAL” Fam in the House …with my sunburned nose 


Sea Shell Sink
“Chimpanzee See ‘C’ by the Sea Shell Sink”

“Kain na!” Echoing within its homely semblance, it was like hearing those words as soon as they started serving the food. And much like that of either your family member’s cooking or your household help’s version, you can’t complain… However, it has that “sentimental ingredient” alongside what induces a comfort food’s effect. Nothing really fancy but good old “lutong bahay”

Unpretentious indeed, it was like casually visiting some relative and cordially cooked for… Quite aptly craved, “C’s” order of Pancit Canton was as straightforwardly cooked as it could homely be. It was also big enough for two.

Pancit Canton
Pancit Canton

What’s a visit to the beach without grilled treat, and so, we also had their Grilled Tuna Belly and Grilled Liempo. Grilled in all its no-fuss essence that complements well with its chili soy sauce for a dip.

Grilled Tuna Belly
Grilled Tuna Belly


Grilled Liempo
Grilled Liempo

We also had the Banana Chocolate Crepe and their Buko/Buko Pandan Milk Shakes

Banana Chocolate Crepe
“It was good as it looks”
Buko and Buko Pandan Milk Shakes
…as it is

Geographically, “pipelines” may not really swell on this oceanside yet it’s making good waves. But then again, developments may progress further and so does climate change… Nevertheless, as expressed from an earlier post on Surf Town’s quaint setting and picturesque representation, may ‘Angel & Marie’s Place’ maintain its balance on that “surfboard equally stabilizing that pipeline”

Angel & Marie's Place's Grilled Liempo
“Now that’s one “C” arc of a wave! “C” for CHOWabunga!”

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