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“Quoted” in Sugar & Spice

“People who love to eat are always the best people” quoted Julia Child. I would “love” to agree… However, do people who “hate” eating are people who are always angry (err hungry) or fool, I mean full?

Do you know any other “food quotes” then? I know a few. On behalf of ‘Eats OA’ though, we want to be quoted on this, “Taste is in the tongue of the consumer”.

Anyhow, we were “Quoted”… “quote” in the act, eating at ‘Quoted Café’. So how about this quote, “It’s alright to be “Quoted” on a mouthful of nourishing provisions”? Pun intended on that or we’re mainly justifying Julia Child’s quote… True enough, we have some “fare share” of opinions on some ‘Quoted’ food and stuff and quotable food for thoughts:

Quoted Cafe

First thing you’d notice actually. From their name, you’d be able to relate the ambiance’s coziness to be where good conversations is likely to take place. A café wherein one (as homey as having a comfortable vibe) could likely be quoted on some insightful perspective other than colorful stories with family or friends. Quote for this one:
“First impression lasts, however, succeeding representations may contradict…” 

Quoted Cafe

Looks like they were undermanned that time. Ironically, the wait staff wasn’t the one who waited, we did. Not very long, a service crew approached us. Despite the obvious tiredness from a day’s work, she held it all together with a friendly demeanor and was nevertheless accommodating. Noteworthy was how she took our orders without listing it down. We hoped that her good memory was part of the service that will likewise serve us right. Right? Consequently, it left. One detail got left behind as it apparently slipped her mind. We had to follow up on that just when our other already-served orders were almost done. It was alright. No worries as the mitigating circumstance might as well be attributed to this:
“A sincere smile is something one wears that promotes a lasting impression more than any status-defining uniform or clothing” 


Quoted Cafe
“Comforting Room”

Comfort Room: 
This could be an assessment inclusive to that of ‘service’ under amenities perhaps… It’s just that I can’t help but “reclusively” put in a word for it. It is after all filled with “comforting” words for anyone who’d probably have a “tough time letting go of hard displacements”… At any rate, it’s telling you that no matter what disgusting situation you’re going through at the moment, it’ll be flushed… you leave it behind, you give it a rest, thus it’s a restroom. A washroom that might as well be called “washed” room as it’s clean. Ok then, zipping up, moving on…
“A thematic concept is a reflection of a place’s level of creative competence” 

Quoted Cafe
Cheese Steak Sandwich

First one to be served was the Cheesesteak Sandwich. The melted cheese comes on as drool-worthy. The bread had that slightly baguette feel to it which sustains its texture even with the melted cheese drenched on top of a generous serving of sliced pieces of steak seemingly suggestive of slobbering with you. As I sink my teeth into it, “divine” would have been it instead of “divide” as there was this (self-)absorbed appetite you’d most likely want to indulge; only to be reminded not to be carried away as I was merely tasting it for our “palate-tan to get a taste of it” thing. It was “A’s” ordered meal. She was still full though to probably relish it the way I did… She eventually gave it to me. Yes!
“Consume wants, digest needs, savor windfalls”

Quoted Cafe
“Slobbering Goodness”


Quoted Cafe
Quesadilla Fajita

“L” is so into quesadilla, so, Quesadilla Fajita for him. It was too spicy for our growing little big boy. I interjectionally thought, “Yey! More for me!” which it similarly induced that “Mmmm…” as the hint of spiciness kicks in, which might as well stand for “Mmmmelts in Mmmmy Mmmmouth Mmmmildness”. Yup, just mild to my taste (“A” was able to handle it even) and that’s without the salsa just yet. There was that tangy flavor that blends well with the melted cheese and the chicken bits. And from the looks of their tomato salsa alone, it provokes your cravings as a zesty appetizer.
“Life’s trials are what spice up our being much like food seasonings, regardless of its effect, it adds a flavorsome variation yet there are ways to fix it to your favor” 

Quoted Cafe
Beef Tenderloin Salpicao

Their Pork Ribs wasn’t available then so we settled for the Beef Tenderloin Salpicao. For a beef and called “tender(loin)”, it somehow lived up to that tenderness; not too soft but neither was it forcefully chewy. It had the right consistency to my liking. Similarly with the taste, it didn’t have that overly satiating flavor nor was it unduly subdued. It was that kind however that’s dependent on anyone’s taste or mood; nothing too fancy. And just wondering, from their FB-posted image of it though, it’s supposedly served with some special fried rice but I was served with a regular one… 
“Rice is rice but viands add spice and together it’s nice”

Quoted Cafe
Longganisa Pasta

With the quesadilla being spicy for “L” to handle, he ordered the Longganisa Pasta. And longganisa it was, not for “LONG (and it was) GAN”. Like how one balances longganisa as a viand with rice, there was conformity between the longganisa-based sauce and the pasta. Similarly, it wasn’t doused in too much sauce which could be satiating. As a matter of fact, if not for the oil, it’s like the almost-dry kind; the kind I prefer actually. It was a satisfying treat. “Feelings long-gone must’ve been short-lived”

Quoted Cafe

Pesto not presto… yup, it was the “last one to arrive”. Hoping for a “dramatic entrance” effect though where the star gets to arrive in style; never mind the delay if it’ll be worth the while… Was it? Let’s pause for a while to delay that a bit… haha! Or we could just have it over with like one swoop with a big spoon off the plate… Either we got really hungry while waiting or the bowl-like plate just looked big for what appeared to be a small serving of that pesto? Point is, it didn’t go like that either way. It had a strong basil flavor going on overwhelming the whole mixture. Anyhow, time was well-spent by piecemeal wallowing-in on it all the same.
“In today’s social media generation among a reactive society, almost everyone is “OA (Opinionated Analyst)”

Quoted Cafe

“A mirage will not quench your thirst unless you get to an oasis…”

Quoted Cafe
“Drinking Match Ah”

“Don’t just get caught up in everything nice, get “Quoted” in sugar-and-spice”

Quoted Cafe
“Fatherhood is a calling beyond biological… It’s a BY-ALL-LOGIC Call”

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