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Le Vain Eat Tea Fare

Le Vain

Le Vain. During its construction, we thought it’ll be a Korean restaurant or some café (the tearoom kind) perhaps given the small size… Turns out, it’s a bakery/bread & coffee shop.

Then, we wondered why the name. How vain could the owner be, we amusedly thought. Thus, this article’s title’s play on “Vanity Fair” apparently figuring out the analogy behind it (or “behind eat”).

And so after a hearty lunch, we decided to forego of vanity for our already “fit(ted)” bodies. Desert the figure-consciousness for a “stuffing self-love” dessert instead.

Le Vain
“Le cozy bakery”

Le Vain it is… “We’re Le Vain on a jet plane…” err car I mean, though we have to “zoom as fast” to hopefully get a parking. They have limited parking slots. That’s rather “a bane”. Though, about less than 4kms from the CBD (lest one takes a longer route), it’ll only cost a minimal transportation fare.

“Fare enough”, right before you enter, you can already see their “luxurious fare” for an offering as if to ascertain such vainglory. You can actually get a glimpse of its whole “fanfare” from the outside. Cozy enough to enjoy your cup of coffee. The limited number of patio umbrella-tables could as well do, despite along a public road, considering Outlook Drive isn’t as busy to be smoke-belched on. If it’s any further consolation however, you can greet horseback-riders.

Le Vain
“Le palaTable”

Now, let’s be “fare”, I mean, I’d now go to their “fare share” of enticing goodies. “A, C and L” have a thing for ‘cheese cakes’, so they got two varieties of it: the regular one and a New York Cheese Cake. We had to double check as it also looked the same at first. They also ordered a cream puff and a chocolate-chip cookie. Undecided on what to have from the “palaTABLE offerings” at the center where you can actually self-serve and pick, I salivated at the sight of bacon wrapped around a French toast with egg in it. “Bacon Egg Roll” I think; didn’t really get the name as I was similarly “wrapped in all its bacon err beckoning richness” I guess… “Mmmm baaaacoooon!”

“L” immediately sank his fork in his slice of cheesy goodness. He liked it. We tried it as well. I don’t know if there was some mix-up, but the supposedly different cheese cakes tasted the same except for the chocolate part underneath the “New York variety”. It was yummy but a bit dry. It was that lack of moisture kind of consistency that’s good with coffee though, depending on one’s preference.

Le Vain
Spot le difference

We’re big on cream puffs. Ironically, their’s were small …seems it didn’t “puff”. I mean really small; smaller than the regular ones available anywhere. More ironic is that the “price is big for its small attributes”. Sorry but it’ll even be “in vain” to sugarcoat this one.

The chocolate chip cookie was ordinarily good…

Le Vain
Le bite-size Cream Puff and le even bigger cookie

The Bacon Egg Roll, nevertheless, rolled pass those “one’s taste-dependent setback”. It had that soft texture all throughout. Though I like my bacon crunchy, even so, it complemented the squishy “melts in your mouth” delight. “Doughy” like it? As tempting as it was, “L” apparently couldn’t get enough. But next time, I’ll try the Bacon Hotdog Roll and a lot more actually.

Le Vain
Le Bacon Egg Roll

We downed these goodies with these “only one size” drinks:

Le Vain
Le drinks
Though it could be that glorious with “vain” (in a good way) for a prefix, it isn’t really about vanity after all… As stated in their Facebook page as to (why) ‘Le Vain” being French for a leavening agent containing natural fungus… contributing for a healthy digestion… and with the above-mentioned contentious frame of reference, “fungus-and-all”, I guess that makes sense…
Le Vain
Le vanity selfie

Should it be likened to that of vanity fair though, in fairness and in all its à la mode splendor, it “leavens up” among our fashionable society. For us, it was a cozy experience altogether. Overall, we likewise “digested a nourishing time”

Le Vain
Le COAL famille
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