Kitakits sa McDo Session!

Reclaiming Session Road 😊
If you’re my age and you live in Baguio City, then like me, you probably have a lot of memories with your friends in McDo Session. I just turned 33 by the way, so I’m not that old.😁
I was really bummed when the original McDo Session closed down. I knew it would never be the same with that happy bee taking its place. I mean come on, I prefer the happy bee mascot because frankly, the clown freaks me out πŸ˜„, but I have so many fond memories in McDo Session that I can’t help but feel sentimental about it losing its place. 
So you can imagine my excitement when McDo Session acquired the land next to their old spot and reclaimed Session Road!😊

Kitakits sa McDo Session, has been one of the most used phrases of our generation, during our days as teenagers. I remember spending every Saturdays meeting up with my friends in front of McDo Session, then we’d have lunch there before heading off to wherever we were spending the rest of the day, hanging out. 

I remember after school trips to McDo with my friend, JayAnn, and every time we’d have the same thing, a cheeseburger meal (comes with fries and soda) with caramel sundae, occasionally, I’d order chicken nuggets, but that’s only if I was really hungry.😁
I remember being pregnant with Chakai and had cravings for Mcdonald’s’ Quarter Pounder with cheese, fries, spaghetti and caramel sundae for every weekend on my second trimester, so my sister and I had weekly lunch dates at McDo Session for like a month and a half until the cravings went away. No wonder I ended up with a C-section.πŸ˜‚
I remember that Eat-All-You-Can they had a few years back  for their anniversary, which “O” and I went to.😁
I remember lunch dates with Lucas when he was about 2 in McDo Session because it was the only McDo with a ‘play place’, and oh how he loved it.😁

I have so many fond memories in McDo Session, and I’m sure that if you grew up in Baguio, you did too.😁

Thanks to Xine once again for tagging me along on this fun #foodventure where we got to reminisce about high school days past while enjoying the food from McDo that we’ve grown to love.😊

Photo courtesy of X Marks The Spot For Good Baguio Foods

And of course, thank you to McDonald’s Baguio for having us.😊

Photo courtesy of X Marks The Spot For Good Baguio Foods
McDonald’s Session
Session Road, Baguio City
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