Unfaithful at Cheat Day Resto

#EatsOA at Cheat Day Resto

Although cheating with someone else in a relationship is a major no-no, “O” and I have mutually agreed that it’s okay to cheat with food. Haha! :))

After all, food is what we turn to when we just can’t stand each other, and ironically, it’s also food that brings us together after a big fight. Indeed, “O” and I have a loooot of differences, we’re not #OA (Opposites Attract, Over-Acting, Over, Asar!, okay I’ll leave the funnies to “O”:P) for nothing, we also have totally different tastes and it’s very rare that we share the same opinion on a dish, which is why we have this blog. However, despite being the opposite of each other, there’s one thing we both love and that is food. We are foodies by nature and we absolutely hate to diet.:)) We try, but every time we do, we come across restaurants with catchy and curious names, that instead of make us stick to our diet, we break it and end up cheating.:))
Such is the case when we came across Cheat Day Resto.

It’s in a pretty small space in front of 45 Hotel, just down the road to SM, we’ve seen their sign a couple of times before whenever we pass going to SM or from Session Road going to the other restaurants in the area, but we’ve never been able to check it out because they didn’t have a proper parking space and whenever we plan on going, it rains, really hard, so one Sunday when we finally passed by it for what feels like the nth time and there was an actual parking space right in front of it, we parked and got out of the car before the rain fell.
We made it inside on time, it started to rain immediately after we got there. The place was really tiny, so I was very surprised that they offered so much on their menu. They mostly have Filipino dishes on their menu, even their Pasta and Burgers have a Filipino twist to it. Clever and unique.=D> I’ve seen huge ass restaurants that only offer 3 things on the menu, and they weren’t even half of a small restaurant but wow, they offered so much!:-O To say that I was impressed was an understatement. Needless to say, my expectations jumped up a notch.:-?
So, onto the food!
I had the Cheat Silog.

Cheat Silog

It came with fried rice, a side of what tasted like pork asado, a piece of garlic longganisa, a piece of sweet longganisa and a sunny side up egg. All that for 140Php. The fried rice wasn’t your regular fried rice cooked with a bit of yellow-garlic-flavored-margarine-for-color-with-fried-garlic-bits-on-top type of fried rice too, it was yellow, yes, but it also had pork bits, corn, carrots and peas in it and it was seasoned perfectly.=P~ You know the phrase, “kanin palang ulam na.”? Well, that was what was running on my mind when I saw and tasted the rice. As for the longganisas, well, I couldn’t be happier, they were delish and cooked to the point where the skin was a little bit crunchy but it was still soft and juicy inside. I wasn’t too happy with the egg though, it was overcooked. I like my egg over easy, with the yolk still runny but without the slimy parts, and not a lot of people can make it the way I like it, they end up overcooking it, or under cooking it which is just as bad.#-o Over all, the meal was good.:)
“O” had the Crispy Pata Value Meal.

Crispy Pata Value Meal

Pata is a Filipino word that literally translates to leg, think thigh. Crispy Pata is deep fried pork leg or thigh, do pigs even have thighs or it’s just called a leg?:-/, including the pork trotters and knuckles and is accompanied by sauce made of soy, vinegar, chili, garlic and onions.

It came with rice and a side of buttered vegetables. For 160Php, don’t expect a lot of meat from the pata, there is a reason why Crispy Pata is expensive and when you make it as affordable as it is in Cheat Day Resto, you can expect to have more bones than meat, which is what happened here. Although the fun part of eating Crispy Pata is actually going into the bone and digging out whatever meat you can. So although this wasn’t as meaty as “O” would like, it’s only 160Php, it was an okay meal. The Crispy Pata was actually crispy, so there’s that too. Again, it’s only 160Php, so don’t expect the whole leg.
Chakai had the Glazed Chicken Wings.

Glazed Chicken Wings
My daughter loves her wings and ribs, so when she saw the menu, she zoned in on the wings. This came with rice and buttered veggies and costs 155Php. This definitely could have used more sauce. Although it tasted good, it needed more sauce for sure.
Lucas had the Cheagetti.


Lucas felt like eating pasta this time and although I was apprehensive to let him try out the house Spaghetti because it may not be on the sweet side, and therefore not that appealing to children, he insisted, and at 140Php he got a plate of Cheagetti. Surprisingly good, as far as spaghettis go. It wasn’t too sweet or too sour, it had just the right kind of balance that appeals to both children and adults. I think it was the mozzarella cheese that made the difference. Or perhaps how the meat and the sauce was cooked. Hmm.:-? Whatever, it was good, good for snack or even as a whole meal. I felt it was missing something though, where’s the garlic bread?:-/
To wash it all down, they all ordered flavored soda, Chakai and “O” had the Paddymint Soda and Lucas had the Almondy Soda, sodas cost 50Php each. We loved the Paddymint Soda, reminded us of M&M’s mint, and you know me, I love mint with anything, I would’ve ordered the same thing but I really wanted to try the coffee, unfortunately my first choice, the Freedom Iced Coffee wasn’t available=((, as well as my second choice, Mokhang Coffee.=(( So I had the Coffee Float instead, it’s cold coffee with ice cream, so kind of like a root beer float except it’s coffee instead of root beer. It’s not bad at 70Php, but it’s basically just coffee with ice cream:P, I could have made it myself.;)) I hope next time they have the Freedom Iced Coffee available so I can try it out.:)
Some of the names of their dishes were hilarious and we will definitely be back for more! We were wrong to think that it was just a “snack shack” with big sandwiches or huge portions of finger food, which is why we thought it’s called Cheat Day Resto, because you go there to eat “junk food”.;)) We were dead wrong. They serve actual meals, and although their serving isn’t particularly huge, their meals are filling. Some of the things I originally wanted to order were sold out, like the Turmeric Sorbet and my first choices for the drinks=((, but that’s okay, it gives me a reason to come back.;) And we definitely will! I also want to try the Momol, seriously, that’s what the dish is called.:)) For those of you who don’t know what “momol” means, it’s a slang Filipino term for making out, make-out, make-out lang.:))
As I savored my iced coffee and looked around at the tiny space of the restaurant, I thought about the phrase, “never judge a book by it’s cover”, it rings true to this particular place, because although small, they were able to satiate our cravings. Also, I want to commend their waiter, he was alone when we were there and although people started to come in and it was getting busy, he kept his cool and maintained his friendly demeanor.=D> Over all, we had a pleasant dining experience, so we will definitely be back and next time with a much bigger appetite!:D
Have you tried cheating on your diet with Cheat Day Resto?:-/ Let me know what your favorites are and I’ll try them out the next time we visit them.
If you haven’t checked them out yet, you really should! See you again soon Cheat Day Resto!;)
Cheat Day Resto
#004 Upper Session Road, Baguio City 
(in front of Hotel 45)
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Imperfect Perfectionist. Gorgeously Flawed. Sarcastic or Asleep. Obsessed with πŸ’„&πŸ‘ . Writer. Blogging πŸ‘Έ of the North. I am "A" of Eats OA and I co-author this food, travel and lifestyle blog with my husband "O".😊 I also blog about being a Mommy πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦, my ❀️ for πŸ‘ πŸ‘’, πŸ‘—πŸ‘šπŸ‘–, πŸ’„πŸ’‹, πŸ’…, πŸš™, ✈️ and everything else over at www.aornothing.com.😁
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