“A” 2nd Krispy Kreme Baguio Store Opening!

“A little something something to say thanks for the warm welcome”, You’re most welcome Krispy Kreme!

Indeed, I went without “O” this time to welcome Krispy Kreme’s 2nd store in Baguio City. It was nice to see fellow foodie bloggers at the opening and be able to catch up with each other a little bit and meet new people who happen to run in the ‘online media’ circle as well.:)

It was a bit hot during the opening of the store, which took place last Friday, July 22, 2016, so I got an iced coffee instead of getting a warm coffee, like I usually do, yes, you read that right, I always order my coffee in what is known as ‘kid’s temperature’ in most coffee houses, because I love my tongue and I don’t want to scald it.:P They also have frappes, but I think those are an abomination, but that’s another post for another time. :P

I had the Iced Caramel Latte and a Double Chocolate Kruffin, I didn’t plan on getting anything to eat but the lady at the counter forced it on me.:)) Just kidding, she didn’t have to force me, she had me at double chocolate =P~, but I know her from high school, she’s a year younger than me and seeing her there totally made me even happier about this KK branch, so shout out to Kamille.:D:x

Iced Caramel Latte and Double Chocolate Kruffin

I absolutely loved Double Chocolate Kruffin. It was so chocolate-y but it was oh so light and fluffy, aaaaaahhhhh soooo good.=P~ The Iced Caramel Latte was perfect, not to sweet, with just the right touch of caramel and a strong kick from the coffee, and it was iced, perfect to cool me down that kind of hot morning.:)

This is Krispy Kreme‘s 2nd store in Baguio City, 79th in the Philippines. Wow!=D> I had to ask the Marketing Manager if I heard that correctly, because can you imagine?:-/ 79 stores.:-O Just in the Philippines. That’s crazy!:-O But impressive.=D> I never knew people loved doughnuts that much, but then again, I never knew anyone who didn’t like doughnuts. So I imagine doughnuts are probably flying off the shelves, literally, it’s not hard to believe, Lucas can finish a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts if I let him!:D

Sausage and Cheese Pull Apart (upper left), Double Chocolate Kruffin (bottom left), Bacon and Cheese Pull Apart (upper right) and Double Chocolate Strawberry Cake (bottom right) 
I love their savory baked creations, this can be a good alternative for when you’re not in the mood for something sweet but you have kids so you have to go in a donut store.:D Wait, is that just me? LOL.:)) Okay then. I love that they have something for people who don’t really have a sweet tooth. What is also good about Krispy Kreme is that they have made an exclusive doughnut that is only sold in Krispy Kreme Baguio stores, and that is the Double Chocolate Strawberry Cake, however, this time, they’ve added a strawberry jam glaze on the top, for more strawberry goodness. These strawberries are of course from La Trinidad, Benguet. You can find this exclusively in Krispy Kreme Baguio stores, so if you’re a visitor in town, this is what you should get from KK.:)

So, back to the 2nd Krispy Kreme store in Baguio, you can find this one at the Lower Ground Floor of SM City Baguio, in front of the taxi lane just outside the door going to SM Supermarket. I couldn’t have asked for a better location. This one’s more accessible, because it’s near the supermarket and you don’t need to leave the mall to get a KK fix.

Iced Kaffe Kreme, so purrrty, but looks a bit like Freddo’s Coffee

Like the first Krispy Kreme store in Baguio, the aesthetic design is completely new, and is only the second to have an original design, the first one being the first Krispy Kreme store in Baguio. I guess in that aspect it has that in common with SM Baguio, because SM Baguio was the first SM mall to have an aesthetic design different from that of any other branch. 

The new KK store design features a more comfortable space to lounge around while you enjoy your doughnut and coffee. Speaking of their coffee, it’s one of the reasons for their new design concept, for people to be able to enjoy their coffee (paired with a doughnut or not, your choice) in a cozy, comfortably-intimate space, because they also want their coffee to get the much needed attention it deserves, it’s perfect for Baguio because this is the perfect place to have a cup o’ Joe ~O), because of how perfectly it goes with the weather. 

Going more into their coffee, my sister in law who lives in the US sends us this Keurig cups and I am addicted to it. Like seriously, a box includes different roasts as well as mixes. Hopefully, with a more aggressive inclusion of their coffee to the market, this one will be offered in their stores here in our country soon!

Krispy Kreme Coffee by Keurig

So along with celebrating the opening of their 2nd store in Baguio, 79th in the country, they are also celebrating 79 years as a brand. That is amazing, congratulations Krispy Kreme!:)

I’ve said too much, now I leave it up to you guys to give their second store a warm welcome.:)

Krispy Kreme Baguio 2
Lower Ground Floor, SM City Baguio
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