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Monday, June 26, 2017

Food for the soul serving to be a sustenance for our quintessence... It's what time is to us. Precious time spent together. Family time that is. "V Power(ed) time.

While most of what's in here are edible food as expected, likewise featured at times are "food for the soul" kind of nourishment that's essential for our being. "Eats OA" as we are, once in a while, "Eats Obsessively Abstract"... "Eat" is after all what feeds our senses; what non-materially keeps us going. 

Now, we're talking, how "OA" is that ~ "Outride Anything"
And going, we are... Planning to go on an out of town (food)trip soon, first, we thought of feeding our old reliable family transporter, Dingdong. "Dingdong Avanza-do", get it? Oh well, anyway, he's been with us as the family's "5th wheel" since legalizing his being part of the fam from Toyota Baguio "carphanage" back in 2007. Thus, he's 10 years old now. As healthy as he has always been except for a few occasional bumps and scratches, he never gave up on us. He is well-fed with the right nutrients so to speak.
Is it?

From distilled water to what fuels his energy, it's well consumed with his moderate appetite and his favorite is Shell. We, of course, try to take care of him further with his periodic maintenance just to make sure his "CARlesterOIL" level is in check. He consumes other fuels once in a while but he never responds better than when quenching his thirst with Shell as if to validate that indeed, "every drop counts".

We've been using Shell for quite some time now and the difference is reassuring. As the family man behind Dingdong's wheel, steering the family to safety, I want to be assured of (hassle-)freely getting to whatever appointment and rather away from disappointments. I can attest as to how my "steering principle" for our driver-driven relations with Dingdong has been smooth as the fuel could have ignited it. However there may be more probable factors, nevertheless, you can really feel that fluid transition for a difference with Shell fuel. With each of your family member's life in your hands, you likewise entrust it to every possible element. I'm not taking chances... We "SHELL" feel at ease and I "SHELL" feel complacent about it...

"Pit Stop"
"Vroom Vroom!!"
With such care for Dingdong, we likewise cared to go to the Shell Bike Fair 2017 recently (their 3rd actually) at the CAP Convention Center in Camp John Hay. Other than I'm also into motorcycles,
"O, Eats His Royal Shell-ness"
we went there to be a witness as to how Shell stages this annual event as some dessert they "give back" to their consumers. It is also to see how they're passionate enough to care by evolving from a mere gas station to a more engaging pit stop considering that we travel a lot. There is that comforting presence along the road where you can actually stop over to "refuel" in every possible sense, as well as to kick-start our senses for a more invigorating trip. That "V" in 'V Power' might as well stand for "Vitality"...

Yup, we'll conquer the road "a head" with Shell
Thus, as a traveling family with Dingdong, we are fueled with V Power by our driven passion for family adventure wherever it may take us... "Team EatsOA" vouches for Shell as food for our "V": Vehicle for our Vivid escapade or for whatever Venture we take as we're Vocal about it through our Vocabulary via our blogs or Voice by means of Vlogs about our  Vast enthusiasm for Validation, Veracity or within the Verge of Virtuousness as we Veer away from vilification as we Vouch for Viable Viewpoints.

And as if it's not trusted by similarly globally renowned brands such as Ferrari, BMW and Ducati... If that's not "V Power" as it is, then it must be "V(ery) Power(ful)!
so with my 3 partners... travel buddies

You don't have to take my word for it, you SHELL try it.
As much as he tries every thing... Yeah, with "the machine" err 'Makina' himself ...and 'Zach' a cool guy he is...

We SHELL go then... Vamos!
Yeah, Vamos! See you around

Here are a few more photos from our "fit stop over":
"V Power Photo Finish"


Fatty Tires

"Scoot Eat Down"

Say hi to the cat...

"When alien met helmet"

Friday, June 23, 2017

When we were kids, my brother and I had the task of buying bread (pandesal) early in the morning at a corner store by the road's entryway to where we reside. Our father usually gave us a little extra for other treats as some form of reward for running an errand. For a toothsome reason, our choice for a treat wasn't really an option between selections as we were already keen on having one thing - pudding. It was a delightful and comforting indulgence. It became my benchmark as to how and what pudding should be...

That store then has long ago given way to commercialism. Throughout the years, I've had a variety of other puddings and likewise with diversified commercial value. Each has its own f(l)avorable delectability.
"Pudding (pang) 4-Ever!"

My epitome for a good pudding may somehow be predisposed based on my "young tastebuds" apparently yet-unseasoned from a wide array of tasty eatables back then, yet I appreciate similarly luscious varieties and flavors. As a matter of fact, there are better tasting puddings, however, it'll be a cherishing affair reminiscent of a "mouthful of good times" should the same kind of pudding find its way into my sense of cravings.

"Father's Day-sert"
Then came Pudgy Pudding. After an early Fathers' Day dinner, we went for dessert. It was after all "my day" so, in a way, I had that yearning to satisfy not just my curious tastebuds but that moment back in time. That time when that "pudding episode" as a simple joy actually came to be special because it was an appreciative incentive from our father. It was indeed a "rewarding" experience. Thus, as a fitting Fathers' Day relish, I thought of sharing to my kids that "pudding story" with what could be their generation's "pudding experience" at Pudgy Pudding.

"Pudding eat together", Pudgy Pudding could indeed be the modern version of that "corner store" back in my childhood... Similarly located in a corner at the G/F of EDCO Building along Marcos Highway, it's likewise welcoming - "Oh yellow there!" Like the yellow smiley emoticon, a man behind the counter greeted us with a smile, apparently reflective of the warm vibe the place exudes.

As if to validate that we're indeed welcome, as soon as we opened what we came there for, it was smiling at us. We haven't scooped down on it just yet and it was already telling us "pudding ngumiti"...
"Ngiting Ah Sooo Good!"

"Why not Chocnut!" That "sweet smile" had that chocolatey coconut taste to it of which was only a prelude to the layers of varied delightful flavors one is to smile about... And just when you're enjoying one layer of flavor, you get to experience another one then the next, as much as you get to sense a different texture and consistency. It's like those 3-in-1 or more flavors of ice cream however of different gratification and appeasement. "Pudding it all" actually, as one seems to get a pudding, a cake and an ice cream all at the same time...
"Si Pudgy at Syringe... Si Ringe Virano! Haha!!
Injecting happiness..."
If that's not a guilty pleasure that'll make you pudgy... "pudding i-try mo, pudding-pwede! Pudding pang Fathers' Day, pudding pang pamilya, pudding pang ano mang okasyon...

COAL fam #FourTheWean

Friday, June 16, 2017

"People who love to eat are always the best people" quoted Julia Child. I would "love" to agree... However, do people who "hate" eating are people who are always angry (err hungry) or fool, I mean full?

Do you know any other "food quotes" then? I know a few. On behalf of 'Eats OA' though, we want to be quoted on this, "Taste is in the tongue of the consumer".

Anyhow, we were "Quoted"... "quote" in the act, eating at 'Quoted Café'. So how about this quote, "It's alright to be "Quoted" on a mouthful of nourishing provisions"? Pun intended on that or we're mainly justifying Julia Child's quote... True enough, we have some "fare share" of opinions on some 'Quoted' food and stuff and quotable food for thoughts:

First thing you'd notice actually. From their name, you'd be able to relate the ambiance's coziness to be where good conversations is likely to take place. A café wherein one (as homey as having a comfortable vibe) could likely be quoted on some insightful perspective other than colorful stories with family or friends. Quote for this one:
"First impression lasts, however, succeeding representations may contradict..." 

Looks like they were undermanned that time. Ironically, the wait staff wasn't the one who waited, we did. Not very long, a service crew approached us. Despite the obvious tiredness from a day's work, she held it all together with a friendly demeanor and was nevertheless accommodating. Noteworthy was how she took our orders without listing it down. We hoped that her good memory was part of the service that will likewise serve us right. Right? Consequently, it left. One detail got left behind as it apparently slipped her mind. We had to follow up on that just when our other already-served orders were almost done. It was alright. No worries as the mitigating circumstance might as well be attributed to this:
"A sincere smile is something one wears that promotes a lasting impression more than any status-defining uniform or clothing" 

"Comforting Room"

Comfort Room: 
This could be an assessment inclusive to that of 'service' under amenities perhaps... It's just that I can't help but "reclusively" put in a word for it. It is after all filled with "comforting" words for anyone who'd probably have a "tough time letting go of hard displacements"... At any rate, it's telling you that no matter what disgusting situation you're going through at the moment, it'll be flushed... you leave it behind, you give it a rest, thus it's a restroom. A washroom that might as well be called "washed" room as it's clean. Ok then, zipping up, moving on...
"A thematic concept is a reflection of a place's level of creative competence" 

Cheese Steak Sandwich
First one to be served was the Cheesesteak Sandwich. The melted cheese comes on as drool-worthy. The bread had that slightly baguette feel to it which sustains its texture even with the melted cheese drenched on top of a generous serving of sliced pieces of steak seemingly suggestive of slobbering with you. As I sink my teeth into it, "divine" would have been it instead of "divide" as there was this (self-)absorbed appetite you'd most likely want to indulge; only to be reminded not to be carried away as I was merely tasting it for our "palate-tan to get a taste of it" thing. It was "A's" ordered meal. She was still full though to probably relish it the way I did... She eventually gave it to me. Yes!
"Consume wants, digest needs, savor windfalls"
"Slobbering goodness"

Quesadilla Fajita
"L" is so into quesadilla, so, Quesadilla Fajita for him. It was too spicy for our growing little big boy. I interjectionally thought, "Yey! More for me!" which it similarly induced that "Mmmm..." as the hint of spiciness kicks in, which might as well stand for "Mmmmelts in Mmmmy Mmmmouth Mmmmildness". Yup, just mild to my taste ("A" was able to handle it even) and that's without the salsa just yet. There was that tangy flavor that blends well with the melted cheese and the chicken bits. And from the looks of their tomato salsa alone, it provokes your cravings as a zesty appetizer.
"Life's trials are what spice up our being much like food seasonings, regardless of its effect, it adds a flavorsome variation yet there are ways to fix it to your favor" 

Beef Tenderloin Salpicao
Their Pork Ribs wasn't available then so we settled for the Beef Tenderloin Salpicao. For a beef and called "tender(loin)", it somehow lived up to that tenderness; not too soft but neither was it forcefully chewy. It had the right consistency to my liking. Similarly with the taste, it didn't have that overly satiating flavor nor was it unduly subdued. It was that kind however that's dependent on anyone's taste or mood; nothing too fancy. And just wondering, from their FB-posted image of it though, it's supposedly served with some special fried rice but I was served with a regular one... 
"Rice is rice but viands add spice and together it's nice"

Longganisa Pasta
With the quesadilla being spicy for "L" to handle, he ordered the Longganisa Pasta. And longganisa it was, not for "LONG (and it was) GAN". Like how one balances longganisa as a viand with rice, there was conformity between the longganisa-based sauce and the pasta. Similarly, it wasn't doused in too much sauce which could be satiating. As a matter of fact, if not for the oil, it's like the almost-dry kind; the kind I prefer actually. It was a satisfying treat. "Feelings long-gone must've been short-lived"

Pesto not presto... yup, it was the "last one to arrive". Hoping for a "dramatic entrance" effect though where the star gets to arrive in style; never mind the delay if it'll be worth the while... Was it? Let's pause for a while to delay that a bit... haha! Or we could just have it over with like one swoop with a big spoon off the plate... Either we got really hungry while waiting or the bowl-like plate just looked big for what appeared to be a small serving of that pesto? Point is, it didn't go like that either way. It had a strong basil flavor going on overwhelming the whole mixture. Anyhow, time was well-spent by piecemeal wallowing-in on it all the same.
"In today's social media generation among a reactive society, almost everyone is "OA (Opinionated Analyst)"

"A mirage will not quench your thirst unless you get to an oasis..."
"Drinking Match Ah"

"Don't just get caught up in everything nice, get "Quoted" in sugar-and-spice"
"Fatherhood is a calling beyond biological... It's a BY-ALL-LOGIC Call"

Friday, June 09, 2017

Le Vain. During its construction, we thought it'll be a Korean restaurant or some café (the tearoom kind) perhaps given the small size... Turns out, it's a bakery/bread & coffee shop.

Then, we wondered why the name. How vain could the owner be, we amusedly thought. Thus, this article's title's play on "Vanity Fair" apparently figuring out the analogy behind it (or "behind eat").

And so after a hearty lunch, we decided to forego of vanity for our already "fit(ted)" bodies. Desert the figure-consciousness for a "stuffing self-love" dessert instead.

Le Cozy Bakery
Le Vain it is... "We're Le Vain on a jet plane..." err car I mean, though we have to "zoom as fast" to hopefully get a parking. They have limited parking slots. That's rather "a bane". Though, about less than 4kms from the CBD (lest one takes a longer route), it'll only cost a minimal transportation fare.

"Fare enough", right before you enter, you can already see their "luxurious fare" for an offering as if to ascertain such vainglory. You can actually get a glimpse of its whole "fanfare" from the outside. Cozy enough to enjoy your cup of coffee. The limited number of patio umbrella-tables could as well do, despite along a public road, considering Outlook Drive isn't as busy to be smoke-belched on. If it's any further consolation however, you can greet horseback-riders.

Le palaTable

Now, let's be "fare", I mean, I'd now go to their "fare share" of enticing goodies. "A, C and L" have a thing for 'cheese cakes', so they got two varieties of it: the regular one and a New York Cheese Cake. We had to double check as it also looked the same at first. They also ordered a cream puff and a chocolate-chip cookie. Undecided on what to have from the "palaTABLE offerings" at the center where you can actually self-serve and pick, I salivated at the sight of bacon wrapped around a French toast with egg in it. "Bacon Egg Roll" I think; didn't really get the name as I was similarly "wrapped in all its bacon err beckoning richness" I guess... "Mmmm baaaacoooon!"

"L" immediately sank his fork in his slice of cheesy goodness. He liked it. We tried it as well. I don't know if there was some mix-up, but the supposedly different cheese cakes tasted the same except for the chocolate part underneath the "New York variety". It was yummy but a bit dry. It was that lack of moisture kind of consistency that's good with coffee though, depending on one's preference.
Spot Le Difference

We're big on cream puffs. Ironically, their's were small ...seems it didn't "puff". I mean really small; smaller than the regular ones available anywhere. More ironic is that the "price is big for its small attributes". Sorry but it'll even be "in vain" to sugarcoat this one.

The chocolate chip cookie was ordinarily good...
Le bite-size Cream Puff and le even bigger cookie

The Bacon Egg Roll, nevertheless, rolled pass those "one's taste-dependent setback". It had that soft texture all throughout. Though I like my bacon crunchy, even so, it complemented the squishy "melts in your mouth" delight. "Doughy" like it? As tempting as it was, "L" apparently couldn't get enough. But next time, I'll try the Bacon Hotdog Roll and a lot more actually.
Le Bacon Egg Roll

We downed these goodies with these "only one size" drinks:
Le Drinks

Though it could be that glorious with "vain" (in a good way) for a prefix, it isn't really about vanity after all... As stated in their Facebook page as to (why) 'Le Vain" being French for a leavening agent containing natural fungus... contributing for a healthy digestion... and with the above-mentioned contentious frame of reference, "fungus-and-all", I guess that makes sense...
Le Vanity Selfie

Should it be likened to that of vanity fair though, in fairness and in all its à la mode splendor, it "leavens up" among our fashionable society. For us, it was a cozy experience altogether. Overall, we likewise "digested a nourishing time"

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

How Pinoy could that be, right? I'm "Kinda" thinKing of a Filipino dish originally from that of the Philippines without foreign influence but everything seems to have originated somewhere else. Then, there's sisig and kilawin; now those are of Philippine origin. But how popular are these on a global scale? Adobo is the most popular I believe, but even that is of Spanish influence.

That said and other than how it's currently (however slowly) gaining traction, Filipino food isn't really that popular (just yet) if we are to base it on "worldwide preference" unlike the usual cuisine we often hear as suggested choices after being asked "What do you want to eat?" Italian, American, (even Asian seems limited to) Chinese or Japanese, and there's Mediterranean, et al. Indian food is even on that radar... Filipino food could be somewhere within the boundaries after that... most likely even way after Korean samgyeopsal...

KKK: Karnebol Kon Kabute
So to rather create a typical Filipino food with (still) a multi-cultural influence somehow, I came up with "Karnebol Kon Kabute" (Meatballs with Mushrooms). Meatballs, though popular worldwide, have no equivalent Filipino term for it (none that I know of) unlike Bulgaria (kyufte), Italian and Croatia (polpete), Netherlands (gehaktbal) just to cite a few. Though of different regional versions as it is, meat on the other hand is rather international I'd say. Thus, it's safe to use it for an original recipe; plus I added vegetables (carrots and potato) mixed with ground pork. I'd call my meatball "karnebol" - a play on karnabal (Filipino for carnival) to be "fair" about it (pun intended) as well as for the overtone behind carnival's other meaning, celebration or a fiesta ("FEASTa" possibly?) Yet, the most obvious rationale behind that is "karne" (Filipino for meat).

Yet by some means to acknowledge the biggest impact on Philippine cuisine like it has been "with" us more than just an influence already, I've used "con" (Spanish for "with") however spelled with a "K" if only to be as Pinoy as it could be. Nevertheless, with it and "Kabute" as it forms an initialism (KKK) remindful of the "anti-Spanish" revolution back in the Hispanization era, it's likewise a reminder of our identity and culture-defining history "WITH" it yet how "revolutionary" it is.

On being (another) KKK which could be negatively mistaken for that of the "white supremacist" group, this is to rather put a more "tasteful" meaning and a more "accepting (anti-discriminating)" KKK; hoping that this could be a universal Filipino-contributed recipe for "food for the heart and soul" even if it'll just be some "Knack for Kitchen Knowledge (KKK)"

"Kasaya Kayang Kumain"

It's more fun in the Philippines... and "funnier" than that is this recipe:

"Karnebol Kon Kabute"

  • For the meatballs (you can actually make with your own mixture), mix 1/2 kilo ground pork with 2 grated carrots and 1 grated big potato, 3 eggs, salt and pepper. Mold it into what it should be
  • Fry meatballs until golden brown or, at least, surface is seared just right. Then, set aside
  • Sauté chopped onion and minced garlic
  • Pour in 250ml of all-purpose cream
  • Pour in 2 glasses of water and stir
  • Add 1 pork or chicken broth cube and stir until completely dissolved
  • Add 200g of button mushroom
  • Put in the meatballs and let it simmer until the meatballs are cooked through.
  • While simmering, add 85g of liver spread and stir
  • Grate about 90g of cheese into it and stir
  • Let it simmer over slow fire until the sauce thickens a bit
  • Serve and eat with rice or with bread/pita, even as pasta sauce perhaps... You can even eat it as it is

"Kasarap Kainin Kahit-paano"

Yes, "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do..." From a perspective where you're given something to dream about, you conceptualize a depiction of what could possibly be...

That's exactly what Manduto Café and Restaurant offers... located at the Pinewoods Golf and Country Club along its inviting fairway with mountains and serene greenery as backdrop. Punintentional actually, to say it's not off-PUTTing and definitely not FOREboding as it's not as exclusive one might assume considering it's a "golf and country club". Thus, every one's invited to similarly feel that sense of prominence. And such notability could be experienced for such a "fair way". A reasonable way indeed for a "fit to a TEE" indulgence.
"Fair Way"

'T' for treat as it fits to one's budget, to cravings, to satisfaction... Feelings from aspiration to "fillings of the stomach", it's some kind of a "hole-in-one food establishment in full swing". I guess that's why it's café and a restaurant at the same time.

We randomly went there and were served with and for what I call "gustonamic indulgence" (portmanteau play on "gastronomic" from "gusto namin" and that of food-related that's "done with gusto" and something "economic"). True enough, gusto namin mga yan; who doesn't want good service, good ambiance, good price, good food...

And on to the good food... We tried 2 of their best sellers: Crispy Kare-Kare and Binagoongang Bagnet. And since there were no Pork Ribs available, "C" ordered another one of her "staple of review-food" - Pesto. Other than it's one of her favorite pasta, we're really into that of our "quest for the best what-have-you on your menu" kind of thing. Seemingly a bed-weather vibe then (rainy-foggy afternoon), "L" was likewise in for one of his fave meal - breakfast. (It's actually our family's comfort food.) Anyway, he ordered Ham & Cheese Omelette and a Swiss Miss Hot Choco.

Crispy Kare-Kare
The Crispy Kare-Kare passed on its own but could have been better with its "essential element for a partner", the sautéed shrimp paste which they ran out of. Good thing though, the wait staff was courteous enough to inform us. And the crispy pork which had a separate sauce/dip was comforting enough.

Binagoongan happens to be my favorite and I was hungry so, in a way, expectations were high. To say that it was not the kind of binagoongan I though it would be is an overstatement. It was kind of different in a good way. It was like two viands at the same time. The bagnet wasn't cooked into the stew which could be consumed and enjoyed to your preference; either you mix it with the sauce and let it be coated with the flavor or you can eat it separately with what seems to be a lechon sauce. Chili and soy sauce was readily served though so I used that instead.
Binagoongang Bagnet

As for the pesto, we'd say it's the creamiest pesto we've had in a while. It has that tendency to be overwhelming should you have too many. Though the serving isn't that much, thus, it was just enough not to be overly satiating. There was a balance from that of its velvety consistency and that hint of basil.
Creamy Pesto

"Egg-ny which way it's cooked, egg is delectably satisfying." The Ham & Cheese Omelette wasn't an exception but it sure lived up to that "egg-citing" attribute. Served with garlic rice, it was a fusion of American and Pinoy breakfast; "interracially mixed" to be a comfort meal on its own. And akin to what was above-mentioned regarding exclusivity, there seems to be no "discriminating curtailment" when it comes to taste and appetite/craving just as how food should rather be complementarily regarded.
Ham & Cheese Omelette

For our drinks, "A" and I had brewed coffee with 1 refill served with a sachet of creamer. For such a small cup, I thought we could have had more for P50 though. "C and L" both had the Swiss Miss Hot Choco. As elegant as their projected image, they could perhaps concoct their own signature drinks...

Overall, it was a full-filling EATsperience. With my family, I'm a "MAN DU(e) TO" come back!

OA: Ooh (the) Authors

Oh Aye there! We are #OA, Omeng and Ane, "LETTERally" the OAest blogger couple up North! OA also means "Opposites Attract" and that's just what we're about. This blog is where we write down our "Opposing Analyses" about the food and places we dine at and feed our senses... We're excited to share our foodventures with you!

We pay for what we eat and we never ask restaurants for free food in exchange of a good review, we do however appreciate and accept food tasting invites, events will always be disclosed, please read our Disclosure Policy for detailed information.

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